Thursday, December 09, 2004

Thursdays Suck

Let me just get this one out in the open: Thursdays Suck! Here's why. You wake up Thursday morning thinking "Wow. It's already Thursday. Tomorrow will be Friday and then the weekend. The weekend is practically here." For the rest of the day, you're humming the same tune over and over: "It's almost Friday, then the weekend. It's almost Friday, then the weekend." You finally get through the day, get to sleep and wake up in the morning all excited, only to realize that it's still just Friday. Then Friday just becomes a letdown. Let's face reality folks: Thursday is hardly any better than a wednesday. I say let's get rid of Thursday altogether. I'm sick and tired of being misled. Down with Thursday!

And while we're at it, let's get rid of Sunday too. All you think about all day long on Sunday is Monday. I hate that empty feeling in the pit of your stomach... "Oh my God. I can't believe the weekend is coming to a close. Tomorrow is Monday and there's no escaping it. I can't believe I was misled like this." Sunday is hardly any better than Monday. It's a Monday in sheep's clothing. At least on Monday, you know what the score is. It's Monday. It's the beginning of the week and that's that. But Sunday is like the second to last day on death row. It's hard to celebrate when you know what's around the corner. So down with Sunday! From now on, we'll just have a 5 day week. Period. End of story.


At 5:55 PM, Blogger David Cowan said...

Just wait till you've got THREE children. Then you'll understand the meaning of the words "Thank God It's Monday!"


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