Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Traffic Cops

What’s with these traffic cops holding out the stop signal with their hands when the light turns red and waiving us on when it turns green? I just don’t get it. I thought we had a pretty good system with the color coded traffic lights. Didn't we? It was pretty universal, right? I certainly don’t recall there being too much confusion about it. Are we just a bunch of idiots or something? Is that what they think of us? That’s where my tax dollars are going? To pay for a cop to act out the intent of the traffic lights?

But here’s my favorite. There’s an elementary school up the block from our house and lots of kids cross the intersection on their way to class. Now once again, there are traffic lights that work perfectly fine right at that intersection. I've never seen a car not stop on red or not go on green. But I guess that’s just not good enough. So they have this lady. An old lady. A really old lady. I'm not exactly sure who she is or who appointed her to this role. But there she is every day at this intersection. She doesn’t have on a cop uniform. She doesn’t even have on one of those ticketing outfits. She’s just wearing plain old street clothes. But when she sees a kid ready to cross the street, she throws up this hand-held stop sign and walks the kid across the street. A stop sign. Can you believe it? What are we saying here? The red light isn’t enough and even a hand gesture doesn’t cut it. We now depend on a little old lady holding up a stop sign to be sure nobody moves. I pray that her salary isn’t coming out of my tax dollars.


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