Sunday, January 30, 2005


As I was driving home after a long day of work the other day, I had no idea just what I was in store for. My routine was the same - I parked the car in the garage, walked up the stairs, entered through the kitchen door and went to the sink to pour myself a glass of water. As I was filling my glass, I felt a pain unlike any other I had ever experienced. Something had bitten me in the back of my leg. And we're not talking about a little friendly nibble here. This something had latched onto my leg and was bitting with full force. It was biting to kill. I dropped my glass, looked up to the sky and started to scream on the top of my lungs. I was screaming for dear life. I could feel the blood oozing from the wound and dripping down my leg. I was afraid to even think of what this hideous creature was that came into my life at such an inauspicious time. Was this a rat? But not any old rat. One of those overgrown, vengeful, blood-thirsty rats that live in the sewers and sneak up into your home in the middle of the night through the toilet? Or even worse, a snake? Could it be? A big snake? Oh my God... A big poisonous snake? Was that it? Is that venom I was starting to feel crawling up my thigh? I think I was feeling a little tingling sensation in my fingers too. My breathing seemed a bit heavier than usual all of a sudden. I couldn't believe it! I had seen this kind of episode on Animal Planet's Venom ER a hundred times. I know how the story ends and it's not pretty. I look around. No anti-venom in sight. I'm screwed. So this was it? This was how it was all going to end for me? I had to know. I just had to know who my attacker was right then and there. If this was truly the end for me, I at least had to know who was responsible for my ultimate demise. So I held back the tears, took a deap breath and turned around. And there it was. There it stood just inches from me staring me straight in the eyes. I couldn't believe it...

It was my two year old son. OUCH!!!


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