Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Have you seen my blog?

I remember when I lived in L.A. everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY, had a script. I'd be in a taxi cab: "Where to? No problem. I'll get you there in 22 minutes. So do you work in the industry? I've been working on a screenplay myself. It's sort of a Goodfellas meets Something About Mary. I could let you take a look if you'd like. Maybe you coud option it." But it didn't stop there. My landlord was working on a screenplay. So was the bartender at the neighborhood pub. Let's see... My golf instructor. The airport ticketing agent. The scuba diving boat captain. My barber. My tailor...

I had to get away from that nonsense. Then I moved to the Bay Area in the late 90's and it was like deja vu. But this time it was with business plans. Once again, everyone had one. Everyone was in their boring day job just temporarily. But they would soon be freed once they found the capital to start or or Everyone was sitting on THE next big opportunity. [And we wonder why the bubble ever burst.]

Fast forward to today. Just when you thought it was safe to stick to your nine to five job, along comes blogs. Blogs. Blogs. Blogs. They're everywhere. I can't get away from them. [I know. I know. Isn't this the pot calling the kettle black, right? Here I am writing about the overuse of blogs in my blog. The answer is yes. But since it's my blog, I can call the kettle whatever I want.] Last time I counted, there were 16 blogs making some money and 16 million not making a penny, let alone being read. But I guess that can't stop people from dreaming. I'd say I can't wait until the demise of the blog but why bother. Once the blog disappears, I'm sure there will be something else just around the corner...


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