Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The Pope

The line to see the Pope's dead body is now up to 24 hours. Wow! Can you believe it? The longest line I can ever remember standing in was for the E.T. ride at Universal when it first opened and that was about an hour and a half. You know how at theme parks they have these signs in the queue that tell you how much further you have to go. "Almost there. 20 more minutes." Can you imagine standing in line for 2 hours only to come to a sign that reads "Hang in there. Just another 22 hours." With all due respect to the Pope, isn't it sort of anticlimactic when you stand in line for an entire day just for a 3 second glimpse of his corpse? There you are waiting in the hot sun moving an inch at a time hour after hour for 24 hours only to see the same thing you've seen on TV for the prior 24 hours before standing in line. Then you're like "Yep. It's him. And he's dead all right. O.K., let's eat."


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