Thursday, September 22, 2005

Naming hurricanes

Will someone please help me understand the madness behind hurricane naming. Why exactly is it that we feel the need to personify massive storms? I just don't get it. So 20 mph wind is just called "wind". And 50 mph wind is perhaps referred to as "strong wind". But once we get in that 100+ mph category, then all of a sudden it's Andrew or Katrina or Rita. Huh? Last time I checked we didn't have names for tornadoes or earthquakes. Now that I think of it, living in California and all, if Floridians get to name hurricanes, then I say why not name earthquakes. Yeah! Two can play at that game. And while we're at it, why not just name every weather pattern. I mean, after all, why stop at just hurricanes and earthquakes. I can just picture the 6:00 weather forecast: "Well folks, looks like fog front Freddy will be hovering above our skyline this morning but will eventually dissipate to make room for sunshine Sammy. Tomorrow won't be as pretty. Get out your umbrellas and prepare for rain storm Rudolph with a chance of hail storm Harry in the later afternoon." Geez...


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