Friday, December 16, 2005


I just don't get this guy. Superman I get. Batman works for me. Spiderman seems to make sense too. But Aquaman? I mean, did we really need a superhero dedicated to the underwater world? Is there indeed that much crime lurking just under the surface? Come on folks. Who exactly is he going to fight anyway? Clown fish? He certainly can't be fighting human crime. What exactly could that be? One scuba diver stealing another scuba diver's air tank? "Hey, give me your air. I'm almost out!" "No way!" "Give it to me now or I'll kick you with my fin!" "Don't even try it or I'll get water in your mask." "That's it. You asked for it. Now I'm gonna... OH NOOOOOOOOO!!! Here comes Aquaman! Damn! Foiled again!"


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