Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Chutzpah of the week award

Saddam wins this week's award hands down. Today he told the courtroom judge to "go to hell". I love it. Not "objection your honor" or "could I get some clarification your honor" or "I beg to differ your honor" or "might I present a contrarian viewpoint your honor". Just a simple yet prophetic "go to hell". Not too verbose. No roundabout dialogue. Just straight and to the point. Remember that Scott Peterson trial where he just sat there emotionless for months? All those courtroom analysts sitting around debating what must have been going through Peterson's mind. No sorrow. No remorse. He just sits there stoned cold. Well, none of that bullshit here. With Sadam, I think it's relatively safe to say that we know where the guy stands.

Oh but wait... it gets even better. He then vows not to return to court the next day. That's the best part. It would have made for great TV had the judge pulled an "oooooooohhh, we're really sca sca scaaaaaaaaaaaaaared". Can you just see the headlines: "Trial of the century indefinitely postponed due to Sadam's refusal to come back to court." Heck, as long as you're at it Sadam, you might as well refuse to stay in jail too. And come to think of it, why not let everyone know that you refuse to stay out of power any longer. That's right everyone. Sadam has had just about enough of our shenanigans. It's time to concede the inevitable - relinquish control now or face the wrath of this man. Game over.


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