Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I'm sorry

"I'm sorry". What the heck do those two words mean anyway in this day and age. They're almost always said under false pretences. To all you husbands out there, let's be honest. "I'm sorry" isn't a way to express true remorse to our wives. It's a way to finally put an end to a 2 hr squabble so you can actually get some sleep. Am I right? And with kids? Forget about it. Why, just the other day I was picking up my son from preschool when some other 3 yr old in the class ran over and stepped on my foot. "TAKE THAT!" he shouted. The teacher ran over, squated down to eye level, grabbed him by the arm and demanded that he apologize to me immediately. "NO!" he responded quite emphatically. "You say you're sorry this instant!" replied the teacher. "I said NO. NO NO NO NO NO!" "If you don't apologize right now, you're not going to play outside. Do you understand?" "I DON'T CARE!" "In that case, if you don't apologize this minute, I'm going to take away your toys for the rest of the day." "I DON'T CARE!" "That's it. If you don't tell him you're sorry immediately, you can't have any dessert today. Got it?" "No dessert?" "That's right. Not one cookie." At the prospect of losing out on his most coveted possession, the kid finally turns to me and utters out meekly, "I'm sorry". Gee... thanks kid.


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