Sunday, January 08, 2006

Reading on the can

Reading on the can. This is one of those 8th wonders of the world for me. Am I the only person that finds this activity somewhat bizarre? I have nothing against it per se. Just don't quite get the concept. Call me peculiar, but for me pleasure reading involves a soft couch, perhaps some light classical background music and neutral to positive odors. But the toilet? Isn't that one of those places where you visit not because you want to but because you have to? Don't you generally want to take care of business and hit the road as fast as possible? I feel like outside of lunch breaks, this is what people now look forward to during their workday. But I've always been a somewhat open minded person so allow me to suspend my biases for the moment and just assume that catching up on the news for a few minutes while moving your bowels is a worthwhile endeavor. O.K. fine. I'm thinking the front page of the newspaper ought to do the trick. Perhaps even a light magazine (People perhaps?). But just the other day as I was washing up in the men's room, I couldn't help but notice one of my colleagues enter the room with what appeared to be a rather large book in his hands. I turned around to view the title and had to rub my eyes and look again. "War and Peace? Are you reading War and Peace?" I enquired. "Why yes I am. Great book. Hard to put it down." "Apparently so." I replied. "I take it you've got just a few pages to go, huh?" "Nope. Only halfway through the book," he responded matter of factly. "Hmmm... Oh I know. Let me guess. You're almost at the end of a chapter and the suspense was killing you. Is that it?" "Nope. Anyway, if you'll please excuse me..." "Oh sorry about that. Ummm... Enjoy the book." And that was that. I did a quick check on amazon and we're looking at 1424 pages. I mean, come on folks. Isn't this a bit much? That's like throwing on a multi-day backpack for a stroll down the driveway to fetch the newspaper. To this day I couldn't even venture to guess how much of that book he consumed during that nondescript afternoon while in stall #3. Nor would I care to guess. Some things are just better left a mystery.


At 1:06 AM, Blogger David Cowan said...

One guess as to where I am right now!

At 1:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

With a couple of kids around... the can is the only place you can get some quite time to read in my house...


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